Can We Talk? Communication: The Key to Person-Directed Care

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“The basic problem with communication is the illusion it has occurred.”  ~ A Wise Elder

Communication is one of the greatest challenges that human beings face each day when in service to others. When do we talk? What do we say? When do we listen? What messages are being heard? How do we know if we are effective in our communications? Join us for an 8-week journey through the world of communication, in all of its various forms. Explore how effective communication strengthens relationships, honors diversity and inclusion, overcomes conflicts, helps others to grow, promotes empowerment and changes lives forever.

This semester course consists of eight, 1-hour webinar events. New and seasoned care partners from a variety of roles, including Elders, family members and volunteers, are welcome to join us to network, share and learn.


Click here to purchase the ON-DEMAND version of this 8-session semester (8 hours).      $99.00


When you purchase an ON-DEMAND Eden Alternative Academy Semester, your fee covers the following:

~ You have the option to pack your room with as many people as possible, stretching your purchase dollars as far as you choose to do so.

~ Access to the ON-DEMAND semester webinar recordings (both video and audio) that you may use again and again for up to one year – making it possible to educate even more people over time, stretching that registration fee even further.


Week One (January 10, 2018):  Communication, the Key to Strong Relationships
Week Two (January 17, 2018):  When to Talk and When to Listen: Effective Communication Skills
Week Three (January 24, 2018):  The A to Z of Written Communication
Week Four (January 31, 2018):  Diversity and Inclusion in Communication: Generational and Ethnic Differences
Week Five (February 7, 2018):  Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations
Week Six (February 14, 2018):  Coaching for Person-Directed Care
Week Seven (February 21, 2018):  Communication as Empowerment
Week Eight (February 28, 2018):  Communicating Well Changes Lives Forever

Our faculty for this semester course includes:

  • Mel Coppola
  • Joyce Eisenbraun, MA
  • Cheryl George, MSc
  • Denise Hyde, PharmD
  • Cynthia Kelly
  • Cheryl Kruschke, EdD, MS, RN, CNE