Well-Being: The Core of Daily Life

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Creating and supporting well-being is the path to a life worth living. Semester 3 of the Eden Alternative Academy will apply the Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being™ as the framework for creating a meaningful daily life. During the course of 8 weeks, participants will review and discuss each of the domains, which include identity, connectedness, autonomy, security, growth, meaning and joy. What makes the Domains of Well-being so powerful is how they root us in our own experience of what it means to be human. They personalize our understanding of what true care is by calling on us to reflect on what we each hold dear. The semester will focus on assessing, integrating and measuring the domains in the lives of all care partners (Elders, employees, families, volunteers, etc.). True community exists where everyone’s well-being is nurtured and supported. Join us to learn how to strengthen well-being for all.

This semester course consists of eight, 1-hour webinar events. New and seasoned care partners from a variety of roles, including Elders, family members and volunteers, are welcome to join us to network, share and learn.

Click here to purchase the ON-DEMAND version of this 8-session semester (8 hours).     $99.00

When you purchase an ON-DEMAND Eden Alternative Academy Semester, your fee covers the following:

~ You have the option to pack your room with as many people as possible, stretching your purchase dollars as far as you choose to do so.

~ Access to the ON-DEMAND semester webinar recordings (both video and audio) that you may use again and again for up to one year – making it possible to educate even more people over time, stretching that registration fee even further.


Session One:  The Heart of Well-Being 
Session Two:  Well-Being: Me and My Connections 
Session Three:  Well-Being: My Choice and Freedom 
Session Four:  Well-Being: My Journey, My Heart, and My Joy 
Session Five:  Losing My Memory, Not My Well-Being; Look at Me, I’m Here 
Session Six:  Putting Ideas into Action, Practice What You Preach, Part 1 
Session Seven:  Putting Ideas into Action, Practice What You Preach, Part 2 
Session Eight:  Well-Being: Seeing Progress Through Measurement

Our faculty for this semester course includes:

  • Angie McAllister
  • Anna Sontag, Ph.D.
  • Carol Ruggles
  • Cheryl George, MSc
  • Denise Hyde, PharmD
  • Cheryl Kruschke, EdD, MS, RN, CNE
  • Nicole Brackett, LPN