Deep Dive Sessions

2018 Deep Dive Sessions

 Friday, May 4

DD1: Effective Education:  Raising the Bar

Cheryl George, Education Leader, Sherbrooke Community Society, Inc.
Ryan Myracle, Culture Change Learning Manager, Signature HealthCARE, Inc.
Cean Eppelheimer, Workforce Innovations Consultant, PHI 

With a tightening job market and shrinking resources, it becomes more important than ever to maximize the impact of your training dollars, so you can retain successful, satisfied staff. In this session, you will learn about and experience an adult learner centered approach to education, and how this approach applies to a variety of training methods, to ensure a more vibrant and engaging approach to developing and growing your staff.

Participants will be able to:

  • Name 2 elements of an adult learner centered approach to education;
  • List 2 facilitation values; and
  • Identify 2 ways adult learning principles can be applied to different training approaches.

Learning Level: Intermediate

Living Environment: SN, AL, SmRC, SH, CCRC/LPC, HCBS

DD2: You Can’t Google Wisdom and Get It!

Nancy Fox, Consultant/Author/Educator
Jeff Jerebker, Author/Blogger/Elder Care Influencer
Sarah Rowan, Elder 

We all need knowledge. And in the age of technology, knowledge is readily available.  Why then do people continue to struggle? If knowledge was all we needed to lead us to the truth, we should all be free from suffering. In our never-ending quest for more and more knowledge, we have lost something much more valuable; we have lost wisdom. Join three Eden Elders as they help us use wisdom as the source of truthfulness and non-attachment that will set you free.

Participants will be able to:

  • Name 2 qualities of wisdom;
  • List 2 approaches for cultivating self-awareness; and
  • Identify 2 ways that developing and engaging wisdom can help solve leadership and interpersonal

Learning Level: Advanced

Living Environment: SN, AL, SmRC, SH, CCRC/LPC, HCBS

DD3: Uniting Young & Old: Driving Change by Building Meaningful Partnerships

Laura Beck, Learning and Development Guide, The Eden Alternative
Shaire Chavez, Community Outreach/Eden Educator, Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center
Carolyn Mickey, Nursing Home Administrator, Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center 

Thoughtfully-designed intergenerational initiatives offer purposeful engagement for Elders, and inspire and empower younger people to serve as agents of change. Layers of reciprocal benefits for all involved are revealed, including enhanced well-being, destruction of ageist perceptions and attitudes, enriched relationships between all stakeholders, and a more authentic sense of “home” wherever home may be. Explore the possibilities and discover effective ways to deepen the practice of person-directed care through these life-changing strategies. Participants will learn foundational, intergenerational concepts/theories, as experienced through two Eden Alternative curricula, and explore various examples of successful intergenerational initiatives involving different ages and objectives.

Participants will be able to:

  • List 2 ways that close and continuing intergenerational relationships improve quality of life for all;
  • Identify 2 ways that intergenerational initiatives enhance connections to the larger community; and
  • Name 2 elements of a successful intergenerational endeavor.

Learning Level: Advanced

Living Environment: SN, AL, SmRC, SH, CCRC/LPC, HCBS

DD4: Less is More: Medication Optimization, Frailty and End-of-Life Issues

Brian Steeves, Medical Director, R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home
Linda McDaniel, Director of Clinical Operations, Hometown Segment
Sandra Place, Administrator, Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Medication optimization is for everyone. It takes a team to ensure that all medications are optimized to the needs and preferences of the individual. This session will also define frailty and how to recognize it. We will review how frailty affects quality of life and life expectancy and explore frailty specific guidelines for diabetes, hypertension, statin use and psychotropic drugs. We will explore palliative care approaches including appropriate medication use at the end-of-life. Case study discussions will be explored by attendees to demonstrate how to apply these guidelines with Elders.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify 2 qualities of frailty;
  • Name 2 ways that medication optimization can impact end of life care; and
  • List 3 steps to initiate the process of medication optimization.

Learning Level: Advanced

Living Environment: SN, AL, SmRC, CCRC/LPC, HCBS

DD5: Empowered Teams: Rise UP and Destroy the Hierarchy!

Walter Coffey, Managing Partner, WD International LLC
Denise Hyde, Community Builder, The Eden Alternative
David Sprowl, Managing Partner, WD International LLC

The current organizational design across the healthcare system has failed us. Hierarchies are inefficient, do not support quality, and slow decision-making and the ability to meet people’s needs in the moment. How do we create opportunities to move from institution and constituencies, to home and community? To keep decision-making is as close to the Elder as possible, we must destroy the hierarchy and create teams of empowered care partners, equipped and educated with tools to meet Elders’ needs in the moment. Participants will experience portions of the Neighborhood Guide Training licensed by The Eden Alternative as a learning framework.

Participants will be able to:

  • State 2 reasons why the current organizational design for Eldercare is a failure;
  • Experience content from the Neighborhood Guide Training and identify 2 ways that content can be used to facilitate the growth of empowered work teams; and
  • Identify 2 steps to begin, or strengthen, development of empowered teams.

Learning Level: Intermediate

Living Environment: SN, AL, SmRC, SH, CCRC/LPC, HCBS

DD6: Effective Cat Herding and Other Successful Leadership Strategies

Jill Vitale Aussem, Chief Operating Officer, Cappella Living Solutions
Suellen Beatty, Chief Empowerment Officer, Sherbrooke Community Society, Inc.
Mel Coppola, Owner and Consultant, Hearts in Care, LLC 

This session will cover the importance of culture change in creating person-directed environments. Participants will explore  key leadership strategies that frame a person-directed culture  with an in-depth focus on coaching as a leadership tool. Participants will learn proven leadership approaches for successfully leading teams and caring for and nurturing the leader within themselves. Participants will leave inspired, equipped and renewed on their culture change journey to create an elder-centered world where well-being is the priority.

Participants will be able to:

  • State 3 key leadership strategies for culture change
  • Name 2 reasons that change efforts often fail; and
  • Identify 2 steps toward a healthier work/life integration.

Learning Level: Intermediate

Living Environment: SN, AL, SH, SRC/Host Homes, CCRC/LPC, HCBS

DD7: Home Improvement is Quality Improvement

Angie McAllister, Director of Cultural Transformation, Signature HealthCARE
Michelle Daniel, VP for Philanthrophy and Strategic Implementation
Vickie Burlew, Health Care Consultant, Lebenbom & Rothman, P.C. 

Is your home shuddering under the weight of change? Does your QAPI initiative need an entire rebuild, rather than remodel, to truly be a person-directed improvement process? Come see us! Our team brings you our tested tools using the Eden Alternative GROWTH Model to build a new framework for your home.  This is an interactive session – you are the builders! By the end of the day, you will know the difference between creating HOME and remodeling a house. And you take away a plan with real tools you can use every day.

Participants will be able to:

  • Name 2 of the six GROWTH Model steps;
  • List 2 examples of successful application of the GROWTH Model; and
  • Identify how the GROWTH Model aligns with QAPI fundamentals.

Learning Level: Intermediate

Living Environment: SN, AL, CCRC/LPC, HCBS

DD8: Dementia Beyond Drugs

Allen Power, Award-winning author and geriatrician
Karen Stobbe, Co-Founder, In the Moment 

This session will provide a look at several components of the 2-day Eden Alternative course by the same name, along with some practical applications of the approach and exploration of new directions around supporting and advocating for people living with dementia. The approach outlined in this session revolves around three pillars: (1) reframing our view of dementia beyond the narrow biomedical view to focus on the unique and shifting experience of the person, (2) Using an appreciative approach that focuses on enhancing the 7 Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being™, and (3) transformation of the living/care environment.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify 2 drawbacks of a narrow biomedical view of dementia and how they contrast with an experiential view;
  • Name 4 of the 7 Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being and how they support an experiential model of dementia care; and
  • List 5 important techniques for successful communication, which is the foundation for person-directed care.

Learning Level: Advanced

Living Environment: SN, AL, SH, SRC/Host Homes, CCRC/LPC, HCBS

Legend for Living Environment
SNSkilled nursing communities
ALAssisted living communities
SHSenior housing
CCRC/LPCCRC/Life plan communities
SmRCSmall residential care /Host homes
HCBSHome and community based services


May 3 – 4 – 5, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia
Buckhead Westin Hotel

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