Meeting the Need for Connection & Companionship – Beating Loneliness Through Life Story

July 23, 2014
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Beth Sanders HeadshotA recent U.S. study found that social isolation is worse than obesity, smoking 15 cigarettes a day, or alcoholism.  This report joins a host of other recent studies revealing what those of us on the culture change journey already know:  Loneliness is a killer.  As change agents, we know that being deeply known is vital to the development of meaningful connections. Story is the essential foundation for building these relationships. From a regulatory standpoint, too, there is an increasing need to show how cognitive stimulation and emotional wellness are occurring on a daily basis.  Life story provides a clear picture of the whole person, by weaving together the people, times, and places that have shaped each Elder’s life.  Story not only brings us together, but provides important cues for and a deeper awareness of unmet needs.  Join Beth Sanders of LifeBio to explore the growing trend of capturing detailed life stories to deepen connections, define one’s sense of identity, and enrich daily life with purpose and joy.

Presenters: Beth Sanders, Lifebio, and Char Christensen, First Community Village

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