Celebrate the Person, Enrich the Care Plan: The Power of Personalized Music and Spiritual Support Systems

March 04, 2014

Research shows that music and spiritual support are therapeutically beneficial to our health. For centuries, music and spirituality have been cornerstones of our well-being.  They communicate, when we cannot find the words; motivate, when we can’t find the energy; and comfort & soothe the soul.  Together, they also help frame our life stories and bring meaning to daily life.

As a Value Added Partner of The Eden Alternative®, Coro Health supports the health and well-being of individuals across various care environments.  Through services like MusicFirst™ & CoroFaith™, they have witnessed how access to music and spiritual content can help reduce medication use, increase memory recall, decrease depression, and induce stronger heart health.

This free webinar event will highlight how music and spiritual support tools can enhance and enrich the care planning process, while bringing people together in deeply meaningful ways.

Debi Cost, CoroHealth

The live event for this webinar was October 9, 2013.

Click here to view the recording for this webinar.