Creating Home: Two Different Journeys in Household Development

November 29, 2014
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Creating home is a highly individual experience, and the development of smaller living environments in the form of households is no different. Join two leaders who have successfully accomplished the transition from institution to households via two very different journeys. Explore how each organization addressed personal, organizational, and physical transformation along the way, while developing educational and cross-training strategies that would adequately support the changing roles of care partners committed to creating smaller, more intimate, caring communities.

Objectives include:

  • Name two successes/benefits encountered through the development of smaller living environments.
  • List two potential challenges that one might encounter through the development of smaller living environments.
  • Identify two ways that roles may shift on the care partner team after the development of households.

Elaine Archambeau, RN, MSN, MBA-HC, is Head Coach at PortagePointe in Hancock, MI.  She has been the driving force behind the culture change transformation of their nursing home into five individual homes that focuses on person-directed service.  In December 2006, PortagePointe opened five individual small homes modeled after the elder-directed home theory.  PortagePointe has adopted the universal worker concept, expanding the role of the certified nurse assistant into an individual who does everything needed to support the Elders in the home.  Team empowerment is a daily goal. This journey has provided everyone within the home a stimulating challenge on the road to a better life for all. Elaine has also been an Eden Educator since 2009.

Tamara Scheil, LNHA, has been the Community Mentor at Fairview Manor in Fairmont, NE since 1996.   Having driven the home’s culture change Journey, she led the organization’s development into smaller households.   Initially developed in 2003, these households evolved over time into Fairview Manor’s vision of empowered teams and Elders.  Their journey culminated  in a renovation project for new households that finalized in 2010. Tami is also an Eden Educator and Mentor and has used the Principles and practices of The Eden Alternative to create a home that truly embraces the Eden Alternative Philosophy.

The live event for this webinar took place on December 11, 2011

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