Do You Have a Spa Party in Your Care Plan?

March 03, 2014

Planning for Care is another way of saying that, in addition to providing appropriate healthcare services, the community is also planning to provide its Elders with respectful and sensitive attention that will enhance their dignity and overall sense of well-being.  Fortunately, a community need not look past its four walls and existing staff or service providers to find an ideal partner for this particular challenge: the community salon.  As a source of services that, among other benefits, 1) appeal to all generations and 2) elevate spirits and self-esteem, salons have the flexibility to enhance a Care Plan (and excite family participation) in ways that few other amenities are able.  Please join Eden Alternative Value-Added Partner, Salon PS, for this free webinar and explore how and why your community salon should be an integral part of Care Planning for Elders.

John Polatz and Shelley Kondas, Salon PS

The live event for this webinar was December 11, 2013.

Click here to view the recording for this webinar.