Engaging the Whole Team

November 19, 2014
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

PerfImp-headingPerformance improvement is often envisioned and driven by leadership alone.  A person-directed care provider shifts the paradigm by empowering diverse teams of care partners.  When all members of the care partner team (Elders, family members, and employees) are actively engaged in defining the scope and direction of quality improvement, meaningful changes are made that last. When care partners know that their voice counts and they are working through a shared vision, person-directed care practices come to life.

Providers across the entire continuum of care require performance improvement processes that produce high levels of accountability and yield high satisfaction over time. Leaders, who view person-directed care as a program, tend to separate it from quality improvement efforts. However, leaders, who see person-directed care through the lens of deep systems change, find it drives quality improvement and naturally engages the voices and choices of every member of the care partner team. The outcome is continued growth and a deeper sense of well-being for both employees and those being served. This webinar series teams thought leaders with visionary providers to feature a four-stage performance improvement process that inspires action and produces results that last.

Presenters:  Judah Ronch, Erickson School for Aging Studies; Carol Ruggles, HCHC Park Place Elder Living; Carol Switzer, Denali Center.

This is the second event in the series, “Person-Directed Performance Improvement.”

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