From Inside Out: Gardens Meet Unmet Needs

April 12, 2014

Jack (3)Gardens in all environments have long been an untapped resource.  These green oases can increase engagement and improve quality of life for Elders and their care partners. Being outside in a garden helps improve appetite, regulate better sleep habits, increase the absorption of Vitamin D, balance circadian rhythms, among other important health benefits. The process of planning, growing, and maintaining gardens meets individual needs, as well as that of the overall organization. It offers an opportunity to build on the past interests and passions of Elders, engage teams in powerfully creative and collaborative ways, and recharge community spirit and enthusiasm.  Focusing on specific case studies, Jack Carman of Design for Generations will discuss how communities have worked together to create exciting outdoor gardens that involve both a person-directed process AND excellent outcomes.

Jack Carman, Design for Generations

The live event for this webinar was March 25, 2014.

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