I-Care Plans Made Easy

April 12, 2014

Every Elder is like a book with many chapters.  Beth Sanders of LifeBio will address ways to quickly get to know people deeply. How can we see the whole Elder, take in her vast personal experience, and then use this holistic knowledge to personalize and ensure that everyday moments are truly purposeful? Beth will explore questions, such as:  Can this approach help with mental health and lower symptoms of depression? How can we build even richer relationships? What is the right way to present the information about an Elder? What are the right things to ask?  How can we gather key information systematically, while making sure that each Elder’s uniqueness is honored and celebrated? Join Beth to explore answers to these crucial questions.

Beth Sanders, LifeBio.com

The live event for this webinar was January 29, 2013.

Click here to view the recording for this webinar.