Grow Strong Care Plans and Employees Through Customer Satisfaction Surveys

April 12, 2014

Successful person-directed care is structured around the unique needs and preferences of the individual. Organizations that value, pursue, and apply feedback from all members of the care partner team (Elders, employees, and family members) convey a warm, caring culture that puts the person first.  Pinnacle Quality Insight, an Eden Alternative Value-Added Partner, offers a unique approach to customer satisfaction measurement that captures the voice and choice of every stakeholder.  For Eden Registry Members, Pinnacle provides a custom survey design that combines elements of the Eden Alternative Warmth Survey and Pinnacle’s satisfaction survey framework.  Join us for this free webinar event to learn how thoughtful assessment of customer satisfaction can enhance the development of individualized care plans and team responsiveness.

Chris Magleby and Brady Carlsen, Pinnacle Quality Insight

The live event for this webinar was March 20, 2013.

Click here to view the recording for this webinar.