Minimizing Preventable Illnesses

May 21, 2014
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Person-Directed CLinical PracticesProactive approaches to illness prevention can transform both quality of care and quality of life. This session will focus on how one long-term care community piloted a new Kimberly-Clark protocol for reducing preventable illnesses and discovered that their person-directed culture significantly increased the success of their outcomes.

Many organizations have a habit of compartmentalizing quality improvement efforts. Clinical care is often addressed in a vacuum, distinct from practices that support person-directed care. Likewise, federally-mandated performance improvement initiatives, like QAPI, are often seen as separate from other internal efforts to improve the quality of care.  By bridging the gaps and consolidating strategies, organizations find that the sum is greater than its parts.  This 3-part webinar series will highlight how implementing person-directed care actually strengthens and supports efforts to improve aspects of clinical care, and in turn, alignment with QAPI guidelines. Participants will learn how to work smarter, not harder by creating a fully integrated quality improvement strategy that honors quality of life and overall well-being for all involved in the care relationship.

Presenters: Kim Braham-Moody, NHA; LIsa Yuhaschek, RN; and Kevin McGrath, PhD

This first webinar in this 3-part series took place on April 14, 2014.

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