Moving from Department to Team

November 29, 2014
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

For lasting change to occur, we must develop cross-functional, cross-departmental empowered teams to successfully redesign the culture of our organizations. Through a grant from the Colorado Culture Change Accountability Board, Piñon Management undertook a year-long project within five of their long-term care communities to grow empowered teams through the development of “Neighborhood Guides,” who function as mentors, educators, and coaches for the teams.  Learn about this exciting project and its outcomes from the Piñon Culture Change Team.

Nancy Fox is the Chief Life Enhancement Officer for Piñon Management in Lakewood, Colorado.  In her role at Piñon, Nancy oversees the organization’s culture change efforts and develops and provides education and consulting in person-directed care, the Eden Alternative, leadership, conflict management, and team building.  Prior to her current position at Piñon, Nancy served as the Executive Director of the Eden Alternative.  She continues her work with Eden as an Educator and Mentor and devoted fan.

Sandy Ransom currently serves as a Culture Change Specialist for Piñon Management in Lakewood, Colorado.  In her role at Piñon, Sandy works within Piñon communities providing education and facilitating teams in bringing about person-directed care. She assists homes on their Eden journeys, trains and assists with  conflict management, and conducts Eden Alternative, Leadership, Worldmaker, Neighborhood Guide, and Alternative Health trainings.  Prior to her current position at Piñon, Sandy served 15 years as the Director of the Texas Long Term Care Institute.  Sandy has widely presented (local, national, regional, and international) on multiple topics regarding culture change in long term care. She has published in The Journal of Gerontological Social Work, Aging and Mental Health, Brain Injury Professional, Long Term Care Interface, and Provider.

The live event for this webinar took place on October 5, 2011.

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