Person-Centered Technology: Bridging the Past, the Present and the Future

July 01, 2014
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Jen SeamanWe all take technology for granted.  It’s how we do our work, it’s how we stay connected to friends and family… it’s as much a part of our life as breathing.  Yet, for many elders living in nursing homes, technology is only a “behind-the-scenes” invisible tool that integrates health records with care plans. Let’s change the paradigm!

Jack York and Jenni Seaman of It’s Never 2 Late will show you how person centered, off-the-shelf technology, can dramatically change the quality of a person’s life, and help them reach their unmet need to stay connected to their past, whether its through music, a newspaper, or a flight simulator. This session, geared towards non-technical individuals, will change your perspective of how technology can change a life.

The older generation invented the backbone of the technology we all take for granted. They deserve the opportunity to enjoy it!

Presenters:  Jenni Seaman, Account Manager and Regional Trainer, It’s Never 2 Late; and Jack York, President  and Founder, It’s Never 2 Late

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