Sustaining Your Gains

February 08, 2015
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

PerOnce improvements are in place, how do you sustain them? Organizations are often challenged not to slip back into outdated practices and old roles or abandon new systems when the going gets tough. Through ongoing team feedback and systems review and data analysis, improvements are strengthened and reflect the continued growth and development of the organizational person-directed culture. Learn, too, how sustainability relies heavily on developing your “leadership bench.”

Providers across the entire continuum of care require performance improvement processes that produce high levels of accountability and yield high satisfaction over time. Leaders, who view person-directed care as a program, tend to separate it from quality improvement efforts. However, leaders, who see person-directed care through the lens of deep systems change, find it drives quality improvement and naturally engages the voices and choices of every member of the care partner team. The outcome is continued growth and a deeper sense of well-being for both employees and those being served. This webinar series teams thought leaders with visionary providers to feature a four-stage performance improvement process that inspires action and produces results that last.

Featured Panelists:  Suellen Beatty, Sherbrooke Community Centre; Tina Rein, Denali Center; and Denise Hyde, Then Eden Alternative

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