Transforming Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations to Promote Culture Change

April 13, 2014

Successful organizations committed to person-directed care understand the difference between task and role. Traditional job descriptions frequently list tasks, requirements, and boundaries. While accurate, this information often falls short of describing how to be a valuable asset to an organization focused on caring for each other while putting the Elder first. Leadership needs to develop descriptions and expectations that reflect the organizational mission; create a positive, collaborative work environment; drive motivation; and evaluate work performance in a manner that inspires people to grow. When employees thoroughly understand and live their role as partners in supporting the organization’s person-directed values and vision, it nourishes the whole organization. By redefining these crucial human resource processes across the continuum of care, we set up employees for success and prepare them for their part in the culture change journey.

The live event for this webinar took place on July 11, 2012.

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Guest Panelists:

Jeanne Heid-Grubman, Health Services Administrator, The Admiral of the Lake

Gail Kahookele, Clermont Park, Associate Executive Director

Carol Ende, Leader of Transformation & Growth, The Eden Alternative

Denise Hyde, Community Builder, The Eden Alternative