Workforce Strategies: Hiring & Retaining a Mission Minded Workforce

April 12, 2014

Data from Eden Registry Members in 2011 reveals a turnover rate of 26.4% for CNAs and 16.9% for nursing staff, nearly a 50% reduction from the national average.  Results like these really highlight the power of person-directed approaches to care.  Organizations practicing person-directed care experience better retention rates because they recognize the value of building committed, empowered care partner teams based on strong connections.  These relationships honor the Elders, preserve their dignity, and create opportunities for Elders and their care partners to continue to grow.  Maintaining this kind of success is hard work and requires the support of solid systems.  The Premier Partners, an Eden Alternative Value-Added Partner, developed a customized approach for building a workforce that supports the mission, style, and organizational culture of residential care communities. 

Joe Stirpe and John Brown, The Premier Partners

The live event for this webinar was September 18, 2013.

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