Eden Apprentice Training Kit
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Culture Change is a Community Affair!

Young People Are Natural Change Agents…

Eden Apprentice Training invites young people, ages 11 to 24, to become change agents in their communities. Available as a comprehensive training kit, this 1-day experiential workshop promotes a vision of communities that view Elderhood as a valued phase of human development — where Elders are understood to have a gift or legacy to share with younger generations.  Inspired by the notion that deep transformation begins with the education of youth, Eden Apprentice Training:

  • Uses the Eden Alternative Ten Principles to reframe perspectives on aging;
  • Inspires youth participants to support change at the grassroots level;
  • Highlights how defeating ageism eliminates loneliness, helplessness, and boredom;
  • Applies the Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being™ to changing the culture of care by putting the person first;
  • Offers a flexible format, easily customized for specific age groups within the target audience;
  • Empowers participants to design their own intergenerational projects; and
  • Promotes the creation of well-integrated, supportive intergenerational communities.

Comprehensive Training Kit includes:

  • Scripted Facilitation Guide, adaptable for different age groups
  • Best Practices Guide 
  • CD of Supporting Materials, including electronic version of participant workbook

Who Should Order this Kit:

Educators and trainers affiliated with schools, universities, faith-based and youth-centered organizations, retirement communities, and eldercare organizations, such as nursing homes, assisted living communities, home care agencies, and senior centers interested in engaging youth.

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