Beginning the Journey: A Starter Bundle for the Path to Mastery
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Prepare the soil of your organization with tools designed to set a clear pathway for your culture change journey. Consider this bundle of gardening tools.  The Open Hearts, Open Minds Training Kit is designed for your in-house Eden Educators, Mentors, or Associates to share the Ten Principles more broadly within your organization. Prepare leaders for their new role as change agents with Milestone 1 of the Path to Mastery. Completion of Milestone 1 is also the first step toward Eden Registry Membership. The Milestone 1 Resource Guide includes specific milestone steps that give you the creativity to reach key outcomes, while the Milestone 1 Toolkit includes brief, focused tools that highlight specific change processes.  Support your growth with 3 powerful books by Dr. Bill Thomas, a DVD featuring 54 brief video vignettes that highlight his freshest thinking, and Seed Packets, an inspiring collection of simple tips and ideas for putting the Principles into action each day. While some of these materials directly reference making changes in nursing homes and other long-term care communities, they can also be applied in home and community-based care settings with some adaptation.

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