Tribes of Eden
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Dr. Bill Thomas's latest novel, Tribes of Eden, explores the power and meaning of trust and memory within society.  On the run after America’s sudden and utter collapse, a family finds sanctuary in the heart of a community thriving “off the grid.” But when the lure of "the GRID" divides the family, the Elders of the community recognize that humanity's fate rests with a chosen girl and a surprising alliance between the least powerful – the young and old.

For Eron, the GRID provides everything he yearns for, everything he lost in the Fall — comfort, security, diversion, privilege, power, and… revenge.

For Emma, healer and post-rider of the Eden Underground, the GRID represents a menacing threat to her family and the sanctuary that took them in. Despite flourishing “off-the-GRID,” Emma and the Tribes of Eden recognize that humanity’s only hope lies in the hands of its Elders. Without guns or technology they must fight back with the only weapons they possess — stories, memories and wisdom.

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