Reframing Dementia Workshop Kit
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In this 1-day learning experience, participants will gain a powerful appreciation for the role of sensitivity, awareness, and presence in identifying the needs of those living with dementia in long-term care communities. By reframing our perspective of what’s possible, we create a culture of care focused on the continued growth and development of people living with dementia and design a life worth living for all!

Participants will…
- See dementia and those living with it through different eyes;
- Explore the impact of loneliness, helpless, and boredom on those living with dementia;
- Apply practical approaches to relieving these Three Plagues that draw on the development of deep connections with dementia; and
- Identify how we benefit from the unique gifts people living with dementia have to offer.

Who should attend?
Representatives of and individuals who support long-term care communities, such as nursing homes and assisted living, who…
- Wish to deepen organizational awareness of and responsiveness to the needs of individuals living with dementia through person-directed practices;
- Want to implement practice-based solutions that create individualized approaches to improving well-being for people living with dementia and their care partners; and
- Prepare participants for the advanced skills offered in “Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care”

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