Role of Policy and Procedure in Person-Directed Care
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This ground-breaking resource packet offers a rich combination of concepts, templates, and examples, including the Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being™ white paper.  No two organizations are alike and their policies, documentation, and procedures should reflect this singularity. Many organizations suffer from the continued use of outdated policies and procedures.  Typically, these documents have their foundation in the institutional model of care and have remained stagnant, while the organization transforms. Aligning your materials and practices carefully and creatively with your values and vision makes your organization a place where dynamic, effective individuals want to be and grow.

The consistency of how you function and reflect your values is a powerful statement about the integrity of your culture change journey and your commitment to person-directed practices.  This tool will explore the inspired evolution of policies and procedures into well-being strategies that place Elder voice and choice at the center of daily life.

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