Understanding Dementia with DVD
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Includes “The Art of Creating a Caring Community with Dr. Bill Thomas,” DVD



Reframing Dementia, a 1-day training kit designed for in-house Eden Educators, Mentors, and Associates to share, explores the art of building meaningful relationships with individuals who live with dementia. Participants gain a powerful appreciation for the role of sensitivity, awareness, and presence in identifying the needs of those living with dementia in care communities. Round out your learning with the award-winning, Dementia Beyond Drugs by Dr. Al Power, along with his latest book, Dementia Beyond Disease. These visionary books advocate for humanistic, enlightened practices that address the perceived challenges of dementia care.  In the 2-disc DVD set “20 Questions, 100 Answers, and 6 Perspectives,” Dr. Power joins other thought leaders to empower families to understand and deal with dementia on their own terms and encourage healthcare professionals to think beyond their current views of dementia. Implement these new ideas and approaches with GROWTH: Six Steps to Framing Lasting Change workbook, a step-by-step model for driving meaningful change that lasts. Deepen your learning by adding “The Art of Creating a Caring Community with Dr. Bill Thomas,” a 2 ½ hour DVD featuring 54 brief video vignettes that highlight Dr. Thomas’ freshest thinking.

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