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Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Eden Registry Membership

Discounts for Eden Alternative Events

As an Eden Registry Member, your organization receives discounts for webinars offered through the Eden Alternative. It is a way to “earn back” the annual Registry fee. For example: Eden Alternative paid webinars, the discount per Registry Member is $40; for each new Certified Eden Associate trained, the Registry discount is $45/person; for the bi-annual conference, Registry Members receive a discount of $100/person. Various coupons appear in the monthly issues of The Vine offering additional discounts throughout the year.

Value-Added Partnerships Discounts Available to  Registry Members

As the Eden Alternative continues to grow and develop, we find ourselves connecting with other like-minded organizations. They are our value-added partners. We offer information regarding these organizations so that you can use them as resources in furthering The Eden Alternative’s mission and in serving Elders and their care partners. For more information, click here.

Marketing and Visibility

The Eden Alternative website averages 8000 hits per month. Sixty percent of visitors are new to the website. When consumers start searching for Eden Alternative organizations, what they find are the organizations that are active on the Eden Registry. We provide a link from the Eden Alternative website to your organization’s so they can go directly to you to learn more about what you are doing. By displaying the Eden Alternative logo and name, you are recognized by consumers that are searching forservices for their loved ones. We receive e-mail requests almost daily from people searching for an Eden Alternative organization in their area. They are excited when they are able to find you! For the Registry fee of $1.36 per day, you are able to be recognized as an organization that provides a life worth living for Elders.

Registry Members are identified on the Eden Alternative website according to their progress along the Path to Mastery Milestones. Materials are available to consumers to inform them about what each Milestone means, and why more advanced Milestones mean that person-directed care is more solidly in place within the organization. Other ways Eden Registry Members become well-known include having a brief summary of their Eden Alternative journey printed on our website and in the monthly electronic newsletter, The Vine. Registry Members are invited to submit stories about their journey, Elder stories, data and tools they have created to be shared on the Eden Alternative website. Eden Registry Members are also invited to share their expertise through our monthly networking groups. Becoming well-known is a way to keep the Eden journey alive because as you share yourselves with the rest of the world, the motivation to continue to grow rises. It keeps the organization reaching for new levels of mastery with the Principles.

Group Purchasing Option

Advantage Trust, a division of Health Trust Purchasing Group is one of the benefits available to Eden Registry Members. To learn more about this benefit you can read the letter from Mary Starr, Director at Advantage Trust and visit their website at

Eden Alternative Consultancy Services

Eden Alternative Guides –  For Your Eden Journey
The road back HOME from the institutional model can be treacherous and confusing. The Eden Alternative can now offer you assistance to make the journey smoother.  Our guides are trained and experienced consultants that guide leadership teams through the Milestones in the Path to Mastery.  Each Guide brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help your organization’s journey be successful. They can also provide access to additional consultants with unique expertise to support specific change efforts the organization is working on.