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This page contains links and tools that Registry Members can use to strengthen their journey.

If you have tools you would like to share with the Eden Registry community, please send them to the Community Builder at

Topics on this page:

Renewing Eden Registry Status
Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys
Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being Tools
Eden Tree Plaque and Symbols of Recognition
CMS Quality of Life Guidelines, July 2009 and CMS Requirements of Participation, Updated 2017
The Eden Alternative Journey: Impacting the MDS 3.0 and QIS Process
Eden Alternative Principles in Action Tool
Eden Registry Member Data Submission
Creating Home with The Eden Alternative
The Eden Alternative and Convivium
Removing Overhead Paging
Tools from Registry Members
Educational Articles from The Vine

Renewing Eden Registry Status

Click here to learn more about the top ten benefits of renewing annual Eden Registry Membership. Beginning in 2014, all organizations currently listed on the Eden Registry will renew their status annually in January by submitting updated contract information, their current Path to Mastery Assessment Tool, and paying the annual renewal fee. Twice a year the organization will have a brief call with the Community Builder or the Eden Registry and Community Liaison to share stories and identify support needs. Click here to download the contact information sheet. Click here to pay the annual fee online.If you have questions, contact the Community Builder at or the Eden Registry and Community Liaison at

Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys

The Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys measure the levels of optimism, trust and generosity within an organization that is going through change. With warm soil, people’s heart will be open so they can embrace the change process. It is recommended that organizations conduct the Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys as they begin their journey and then regularly throughout the journey. Organizations on the Eden Registry should attempt to do all or a good cross-section of the employees, Elders and families annually just to make sure that perceptions about the amount of warmth in the organization is accurate. Cold soil, no matter where it may be found, can become a barrier as new ideas are implemented. The surveys can be completed on paper forms and/or entered online for aggregated results. Online submission is free to Registry Members. Contact the Community Builder at to get your organization set-up for this service. Reports are then accessed electronically and available as soon as the last survey is entered. Below are the Eden Warmth Surveys:.

To assist in analyzing the results of the Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys, we have created analysis reports to assist you. The following are reports that are tailored to organizations working on Milestone 1 in the Path to Mastery:

The following are Eden Alternative Warmth Survey analysis reports tailored to organizations working on Milestone 2 in the Path to Mastery:

The following are Eden Alternative Warmth Survey analysis reports tailored to organizations working on Milestone 3 in the Path to Mastery:

Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being Tools

The ultimate goal of culture change is well-Being for all – all care partners (employees, family members, volunteers, and the Elder herself), the organization and ultimately the larger community. How can you take the concept of well-being and make it come alive for those who live and work in your community? The Eden Alternative has answered this need by identifying seven Domains of Well-Being: identity, growth, autonomy, security, connectedness, meaning and joy. Assessment Tools have been created to measure well-being for individuals, teams and groups. Once understood, the language of the seven domains can be woven into daily life. Well-being, as a frame of reference, requires a focus on strengths, possibilities, dreams and goals of each individual. Well-being presents the opportunity to define quality of life in terms of what each individual can do and what they have to offer their communities. Download the packet and Excel spreadsheet below to learn more about the Domains of Well-Being and how they can be measured. An online version of the Assessment Tools is available. Contact the Community Builder at if you are interested in using the online option or have any questions. The July 29, 2012 webinar recording is also available along with a handout of the slides.

Eden Alternative Tree Plaque and Symbols of Recognition

How often do you celebrate along the Eden journey? Do you know that the Eden Tree plaque provides ten more opportunities to grow and celebrate along the Eden journey? If your organization has not yet affixed any symbols of recognition to your Eden Tree plaque, then this document will be of assistance to you. Eden Registry Members can use the criteria for each of the Ten Principles outlined in the Eden Alternative Handbook and Haleigh’s Almanac as a basis to determine their level of mastery with each of the Principles. The Resource Guide for each Milestone in the Path to Mastery has a chart that compares each step in the Milestone to the Ten Principles. It can help an organization see which Principles they are working on as they master the Milestone. These Gardening Hints are another resource to assist you. When a level of mastery is reached, as a community find and affix a symbol of recognition to your tree. When all the spots are full, set the symbols aside, pull out the guidelines and start anew. What a way to continue to grow along the Eden Alternative journey!

CMS Quality of Life Guidelines, June 2009

In June of 2009, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued new surveyor guidelines that promoted culture change ideas. This is another big step forward in linking the hard work you are doing to the overall goals of the federal regulations. The Eden Mentors and Registry Members looked over the guidance and were able to describe how embracing the Ten Principles would help organizations achieve success with the survey process as well as the Eden journey.

Additional Resources:

CMS Requirements of Participation, Updated December 2017

CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) issued updated requirements of participation (regulations) and part of those went into effect on November 28, 2017. A team of Eden Mentors and Educators scoured the requirements of participation and created a document that crosswalks the regulations to the Eden Alternative Principles, Domains of Well-Being, Path to Mastery Milestone steps and other Eden Alternative resources. With almost 700 pages of regulatory guidance, this resource is both a bit lengthy and comprehensive. As you review the document, you will see that continuing to grow mastery in the Path to Mastery, and making full use of the resources The Eden Alternative has to offer, can support efforts to meet and exceed regulatory expectations. Please contact Denise Hyde or Suzette Molina if you have any questions.

The Eden Alternative Journey: Impacting the MDS 3.0 and QIS Process

The MDS 3.0 and the QIS process are linked to culture change through assessments designed to bring forth the Elder’s voice and choice. The Eden Alternative has long advocated through Principle Eight that the Elders be the decision-makers in their home. This paper describes how embracing the Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative can help organizations be successful with the implementation of both the MDS 3.0 and the QIS Survey process.Promising Practices by The Pioneer Network

Eden Alternative Principles in Action Tool

The Eden Alternative Principles in Action Tool  can be used anytime during a organization’s Eden journey to assess how they are doing at integrating the Ten Principles. The tool is designed for use by long-term care settings.

Eden Registry Member Data Submission

All organizations on the Eden Registry are being asked to submit data annually to a secure online survey site. The data will be used in aggregate form to help show others that implementing The Eden Alternative can make a difference for the Elders, care partners and the organization as a whole. The data can be submitted at any time during the calendar year, coordinating submission with the annual fiscal reports. If your organization does not collect a data element on the worksheet you can just skip that.item. Please contact the Community Builder at if you have any questions or need assistance. The following data collection worksheets aid in collecting the data. The online links are included at the top of each worksheet.

Creating Home with the Eden Alternative

What does the transformation process from the institutional model of care to the Eden Alternative look like when filtered through the Ten Principles? We have created a document that demonstrates that process. It is called Creating Home with the Eden Alternative. Review the document and send us your thoughts of other ideas you would include based on your experiences in going through the transformation process.

The Eden Alternative and Convivium

The transformation process as it applies to mealtime in the Elder’s home is something that  is easy to approach using a programmatic approach. For example, moving from a tray line to the buffet or to a piece of paper that lists the main meal and the alternate. It could mean having the person delivering Meals on Wheels spend time setting a nice table and visiting with the person. Everyone is looking for the next dining program to implement. The Eden Alternative Principles guide us to see the mealtime experience through a different lens, seeking instead to move toward the goal of convivium; good food shared with good friends. Convivium happens when a group of people who know each other well, sit down and share a meal. The manner of meal service is secondary to the relationships between the people sharing the meal.  The Eden Alternative and Convivium outlines the progression of the mealtime transformation as it will relate to the Milestones in the Path to Mastery. Included in the document are the resources The Eden Alternative has to offer and the regulations that are impacted by these changes. If you want to learn more about how to apply the Eden Alternative Principles to your mealtime transformation process contact the Eden Alternative Home Office who will connect you with a consultant who can assist you.

Removing Overhead Paging

Nothing sounds quite so institutional as the sounds of voices traveling through the air all day paging people and announcing events. The  removal of overhead paging is one way to transform the environment and create a more relaxed environment. Several organizations have shared their ideas of how they have removed the overhead paging in their homes. Their ideas might be useful if this is a resource you are looking for on your Eden journey.

Tools from Registry Members:

  • Sherbrooke Community Centre created this Elder interview and Life Plan tool using the Domains of Well-Being.
  • Westminster Thurber Community, Columbus, OH – Measuring the  soil warmth
  • Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill, Lafayette Hill, PA – Principle 8  exercise used in their 7 hour Eden education workshop for care partners
  • New Vista Society in Burnaby, BC, CA – Resident Biography  form used for new Elders moving into the home
  • Rochester Presbyterian Home, Rochester, NY – Family Retreat  agendas Declaration of Independence , and  job descriptions for Head of Household and Eden Associates
  • West Jordan Care Center, West Jordan, UT – check out this  talents and expertise sheet used to gather information from new care partners
  • Kathleen Burnett, Regional Coordinator and Sylvia Bleyswk, Eden Mentor for Eastern Canada – get involved with  Jelly Beanology , a great way to learn new information about each other in a fun way!
  • Hillside Rehabilitation Center in Salt Lake City, UT has created a Code of Ethics for their Eden core team. They hope it will inspire other leadership teams to do the same.
  • GRMC Klein Center in Burlington, IA has created a seven week class introducing participants to the Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative with homework assignments to complete in between each class. Here is the outline for the course.
  • Masonic Village at Elizabethtown in PA has a one-day Culture Change class to introduce everyone to the Eden Alternative and how their culture is adopting the Philosophy and Principles. Here is the outline for their class.
  • Bear River Valley Care Center in Tremonton, UT has developed a great list of “Get to Know You” questions that can be used in learning circles and some ideas on how to cope with change .
  • Hurricane Rehabilitation Center in Hurricane, UT has developed a good looking agenda for their core team retreat and a yummy brunch menu .
  • Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home in Cooperstown, NY has developed an all day Eden Alternative refresher that includes ideas on balancing personal energy for the employees as well. Check out their education outline.
  • Brethren Retirement Community in Greenville, OH has a Resident Introductory Form that they use to help everyone get to know new Elders and their preferences quickly.
  • Chicora Medical Center, Chicora, PA, is part of Quality Life Services. Anyone applying to work for one of their homes, receives a letter that explains their culture and what will be expected of them as an employee. If the person is interested in applying, after reading and signing the letter, they then receive the application form and move forward in the hiring process.
  • Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, Baltimore, MD has divided into Kubbutz which is a Jewish term that means a communal farming settlement. Individuals work together as a team to reach a common goal and bond. They grow individually as well as a group. This home has shared an outline of their one day culture change orientation, some ideas to help people get engaged in life in the Kibbutz and a Kibbutz evaluation form.
  • Lutheran Home of Frankenmuth, MI has been working on helping their neighborhoods each develop a code of ethics. Here is an example of what they have created.
  • Chicora Medical Center, Chicora, PA, part of Quality Life Services, has been working on a way to capture the interests and talents of their care partners so they can become more well-known and be an active participant in life in the home. See if their approach gives you any ideas.
  • Magnolia House in Natchez, MS has some really great menu ideas spurred by the food interests of the Elders living there.
  • Rolling Fields in Conneautville, PA always has something new cooking in their culture change journey. Check out their At Your Service Menus , their Elder-centered organizational chart , how they help new employees construct a successful start in the home, how they define the caregiver role for everyone and what the new face of “activities ” is. They were also given an award for their dining services , you can read all about it.
  • Linden Grove New Berlin, WI has shared their education outline for teaching new employees, volunteers and the Resident Council about the Eden Alternative.
  • The Sentry Care Homes in MS are all on the Registry and they have an organizational design called the Wheel of Eden that really demonstrates how they are weaving the Eden Alternative into daily life in the home. Check it out, it may inspire your redesign process as well. Be looking for a future webinar that will explain their approach in more detail.
  • Breckenridge Village, Willoughby, OH has created some great tools for their journey. My Life’s Recipe is a great way to learn more about an Elder’s daily routine and simple pleasures. The Three Plagues Indicator sheet was created by a nurse to help assure the plagues were addressed as needed during care plan meetings. They also have a code of ethics for their journey which they have shared.
  • Westminster Thurber Retirement Community shares their vision statement for their Eden journey and some tools for neighborhood meetings: meeting minute template and a combination neighborhood meeting agenda and minutes tool.
  • Regina Lutheran Home in Regina, SK has created a great Code of Ethics for their leadership team.
  • St. John’s Home came up with a fun way to say good-bye to the institutional mindset called “A Eulogy for the Institution “. It is a Mad-Lib game and should be a fun way to engage others in the process of shifting their mindset on the Eden Alternative journey.
  • North Star Rehabilitation and Care Community holds a community-wide gathering every Wednesday. They have developed a template to help guide the meeting and assure that all actions are captured and issues addressed.
  • Juneau Pioneers’ Home, Juneau, AK has developed an agreement with the Head Start program in their community that reflects how the children will benefit the Elders’ lives and how the Elders’ will benefit the childrens’ lives. See what you think.
  • Park Place Elder Living, Mt. Pleasant, IA has developed a code of ethics for their Eden Panel. Check it out!
  • West Ridge Care Center, Cedar Rapids, IA has developed 5 questions for new Elders . All care partners help complete the form which helps them individualize the daily routine to the preferences of the Elder. By the way they chose a running shoe charm to represent their mastery of Milestone 1. They are “off and running with Eden!”
  • Chateau Gardens Memory Care, Springfield, OR came up with a very creative education plan to teach everyone about the Ten Principles. Check out how they incorporated lots of Eden Alternative resources and assigned homework to deepen the learning. Also check out their communication log , especially the second page!
  • Mission at HIllside, Salt Lake City, UT, has created some great worksheets that could be template for other Registry Members to help teach about and provide antidotes to the Three Plagues. Check out how they have pulled together several ideas and created a path to help assure the plagues are addressed well.
  • Brethren Retirement Community, Greenville, OH has created neighborhood tree plaques. The leaves on the trees in the neighborhoods represent that commitment that each care partner is making to their Eden Alternative journey. Check out this explanation and commitment form that they have created.
  • Rowan Community, Denver, CO, shared their code of ethics, mission, vision and values to help others to grow theirs. This is part of the Path to Mastery for all Registry Members. They also have a great example of how to use the tree plaque to commenmorate their journey. Check out the symbols of recognition they are using to celebrate their journey.
  • Mission at Bear River Valley, Tremonton, UT, has done a great job of creating a document that summarizes their warmth surveys and also focuses in on one of the plagues. Check it out! They plague they focused on is helplessness and its antidote. It includes ways to build awareness and a long list of ideas on how to provide the antidote. Thanks for sharing! May many Registry Members follow your lead.
  • Saint Paul Health Center, Denver, CO developed a Voice and Choice policy to assure that Principle Eight stays in the forefront daily with the Elders. They have also been able to eliminate personal alarms in their community. Learn more about their 5P’s rounding that has helped them be successful in reducing alarm use and falls.
  • Trinity Living Center, Grove City, PA had some fun with a word scramble to teach their culture change language. They also did a person scavenger hunt to help build connectedness across the community. Thanks for sharing!
  • Carol Ruggles, Eden Educator and Mentor in Mt. Pleasant, IA, has put together two really amazing forms to help learn the story of the Elders and improve their well-being. One is an Elder Growth Plan which includes the Three Plagues. The other is an interview form to learn more about how the Elder experiences each Domain of Well-Being. Really powerful tools. Thank you for inspiring others!
  • The team at Rochester Presbyterian Home, Rochester, NY has two Eden Associates (an Elder and employee care partner) that have created Eden Teach-Ins to engage the Elders living there in their journey. Check out their story. May it inspire you to do the same!
  • How do you bring The Eden Alternative to life in an apartment complex? Read the story from Turner Duvall Retirement Community in Leakesville, MS,  and be inspired by the caring community they have created!
  • Elmhurst Extended Care in Providence, RI continues to build meaningfulness into the end-of-life experiences for the Elders they serve. They have connected with a local group called the Grace Note Singers. Read more about how these volunteer vocalists make a difference in Elders’ lives.
  • Mission at West Jordan, UT, updated brochures about the home. Family members of Elders who live there were involved in creating the new brochures. There is a short version and a longer version that includes more of their history. The pictures of life at Mission at West Jordan say much more than the words. The team is hoping these will inspire you!
  • Jackson County Medical Care Facility in Jackson, MI has redesigned their organizational chart to be Elder-centered. If you are struggling for ideas on how to redesign your chart, check this one out.
  • The team at Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation Center, Westmoreland, TN, has created a one-page document that they give to potential new employee care partners. It is something they take home to study up on The Eden Alternative. It includes watching the Creating Home video and answering some self-reflection questions. What a fun idea to get new employee care partners excited about joining your team!

Educational Articles from The Vine