2016 Conference… Hit Rewind, View Highlights

May 11, 2016
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

EdenConf2016Something happens for me at the end of every Eden Alternative International Conference.  Within moments of the conference closing, I feel it… a sense of let-down or perhaps it’s “good vibes” grief.  After two years of planning and nearly a week of inspiring sessions and sweet connections with a group of amazing change agents, it’s hard not to feel a little lost in that moment when everyone goes their separate ways.

The good news is that, whether you made it to the conference (and just want more) or didn’t make it (and want some), you can either relive or experience for the first time several conference highlights on a special 2016 Conference YouTube Channel.

There’s a goldmine of rich content here, so gather up your teams and make it an event each week – serve up one of these presentations as inspiration and growth potential.  We hope (well, we know) you and your colleagues will walk away with some powerful new ideas and tools to try in your teams today. You can choose from recordings of 6 general session events, 6 TED-like talks, 2 intensive sessions, and 4 breakout sessions.

In addition, you can also access conference session handouts, as needed.  And we’ve compiled a list of 2016 winners for the Eden Alternative Awards.  These are just some of the ways you can follow-up on or dive into conference offerings after the fact.

For those of you who made it, thank you for helping us make this event such a resounding success.  For those of you who didn’t, we hope you’ll let yourself have a taste of what went down in Little Rock last week with these follow-up materials.

Stay tuned for news of 2018!  And in the meantime, don’t forget – the time for change is NOW!

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Congratulations on holding a successful conference! During my tenure as a classroom teacher I helped organize several large conferences, and was always exhausted and let down immediately following a conference. However, when I had a chance to rest and stand back and review what we had done, I was always elated!


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