2217 Hospitals Penalized Since October 2012

January 11, 2013
Denise Hyde

These hospitals are being penalized based on their 30-day readmission rates and so far the fines have added up to about $280 million. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is time for Eldercare organizations across the care continuum to get engaged in reducing hospital readmissions. Reducing readmissions is a team sport! It is the Elders who are impacted when this transition of care is done poorly. This is the theme being discussed among 250 people at the INTERACT Institute being held in Boca Raton, FL this week.

What is the connection with the Eden Alternative Philosophy and the culture change movement? Implementing quality improvement processes and tools to improve the 30-day readmission rates for Elder care partners begins with leadership commitment (Principle Ten). Then people need to be given the information, tools, resources and skills they need to succeed (Principles Eight and Nine). The Elder care partner needs to be at the center of changes being implemented to improve clinical care (Principle Seven). Relationships need to be strong, and people well-known to one another, in order to anticipate, prevent and intervene early so hospital admissions can be avoided (Principle Three). Improving care practices to reduce readmissions requires system wide change (organizational transformation).

Weaving tools like the INTERACT quality improvement program into the system and processes of an organization committed to culture change increases the organizations success. More will be shared as The Eden Alternative joins the other organizations represented at the INTERACT Institute in bringing this program out to Eldercare organizations.

Everybody has a story about an Elder spending time in a hospital setting. What is your story? How can we build a strong care partner team so the healing experience for the Elder is the best it can be?

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