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December 02, 2015
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Ask Wise LeadersLast summer, we had the pleasure of working with 20 nursing homes from California and Colorado for a grant project of ours. One of the grant activities involved connecting project participants with culture change leaders who had an exceptional track record with implementing person-directed care. Clearly, the easiest, most cost-effective way to accomplish this was via webinar. So, we lined up 2 leaders for three different webinar events and invited the participants to send in any questions they had about culture change ahead of time. By “air time” we had an exceptional list of questions. The rest was magic. I’m not kidding.

As the facilitator for these events, I was blown away – again – by the talent we have in our midst. Our guest speakers knocked every question out of the ballpark, providing exceptionally rich, practical, and creative solutions to every question posed. I was struck by the depth of the information shared and noticed that there was something for everyone there, even the most experienced of leaders.

I wasn’t only inspired by the great content, but I was reminded of the power of learning from each other. The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being℠ remind us that connectedness is affirming to our sense of identity and stimulates our potential for growth. As change agents, we need each other. Sharing best practices with each other is crucial to our development as successful culture changers. This thing we do is definitely a team sport. Going it alone takes way more energy and isn’t likely to get you as far. And then there are the times we simply stall out and can’t get motivated to drive on. Well, we need each other then, too.

I challenge you to reach out to another organization on the culture change journey and just share stories of what’s working for you and what isn’t. That organization may even be your competitor (What? Horrors!) Friend or foe, I’m certain you will both find the process extremely enlightening… maybe even empowering. Together, we are stronger, friends.

This said, we got smart and decided to build on the success of those grant-driven coaching webinars and created one that everyone could benefit from, no matter where you are on the culture change journey. Ask Wise Leaders: Coaching for Culture Change is only a week away (December 10 from 3-4 pm ET) and features 3 knock out, culture change leaders. The format is discussion-based and driven by previously submitted questions, as well as those that arise during the course of the live event. Be a part of the conversation. To register for this feature webinar, click here.

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