A Story of Change In Ohio

August 26, 2013
Virgil Thomas, ChangingAging.org
CEAT at Georgetown OH

The Ohio Veterans Homes have embarked on a journey of culture change. They are the largest nursing home in the state, but more importantly, they care exclusively for retired women and men who have served their country. The Eden Alternative has been given the honor of partnering with Ohio Veterans Homes on their culture change journey.

Rick Hatcher, the homes’ superintendent, sat down with our own Steve LeMoine to discuss their journey:

A sort of “production” mentality developed whereby the focus was on achieving expected tasks each day, regardless of whether the residents who were subject to the tasks wanted them performed.  The leadership of our two homes had a desire to change these instilled behaviors of our staff and began seeking ways for this to be accomplished.  We began with our largest home, which is located in Sandusky, Ohio.

It soon became obvious that a change in the culture would be essential in changing the way that things are done and if that could be achieved, the other issues would be resolved.  Who better than the Eden Alternative to guide us on our journey?

We want our staff to be seen and to feel like a part of the veteran’s extended family and to be empowered to resolve issues as they occur.  The real benefit to the staff is in connecting with the veterans and their families.  When we connect, we care.

Following training, I hope to have a core team of employees from all levels who truly believe and want to be a part of our cultural transformation and who will spread the words and the deeds of our change.  My hope is that staff will feel and see the impact of our cultural change.  I especially hope the same for the veterans that we serve.

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