A Voice Well Known

December 19, 2013
Virgil Thomas, ChangingAging.org

Dr. Bill Thomas has been writing and speaking publicly for over 20 years. A popular public speaker, Dr. Bill is known for his thoughtful, heartfelt (and Powerpoint-free) approach to engaging with a wide range of audiences. Among the highlights, Dr. Thomas has spoken for TEDxSF, delivered the keynote for the LeadingAge Conference, and spoke to the general session of the Ashoka Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

In this webinar Dr. Bill deconstructs the art of speaking publicly and explains the pieces in a meaningful, accessible way.

The webinar was originally given to a group of Mentors, Educators and Certified Eden Associates.

Dr. Thomas continues to write for ChangingAging.org, the multi-author blog platform he founded in 2009.

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