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The Eden Registry honors and accredits those organizations committed to the challenging work of transforming traditional approaches to care into a person-directed alternative.

home_2Guided by the four Milestones of the Path to Mastery, Eden Registry Members form a dedicated group of change agents committed to creating vibrant, life-affirming environments, where each person matters and everyone has opportunities for growth, regardless of age or abilities.

Joining the Eden Registry highlights your organization as one that is stepping up to create a life worth living, wherever Elders call home.  Today, there are hundreds of Eden Registry Members nationwide from across the full continuum of care. Their best practices frame a clearinghouse of information, techniques, and support they can both learn from and share with other organizations on a culture change journey.

Joining the Eden Registry

Joining the Registry may take as little as six months, if you have already begun your culture change EdenRegistry10rgbjourney, or as much as 12-18 months, if you are new to person-directed care. In either case, The Eden Alternative has tools and resources to help you succeed, including:

  • Resource Guides and toolkits for each Path to Mastery Milestone;
  • A Registry Support Team to provide individualized assistance;
  • Eden Path to Mastery Guides to support the growth of leadership teams; and
  • Ongoing educational offerings and training kits.

The Eden Alternative is committed to maintaining an expense structure that makes the Eden Registry accessible to any organization. Joining the Registry in the US involves an initial expenditure of approximately $3,300. (The price may vary for other countries) This investment of funds includes:

Download a step-by-step guide to assist your team in beginning the Registry application process. To receive a Registry application and get answers to additional questions please contact the Eden Registry Liaison at or (585) 461-3951 x 3053.

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