Ageism and Millennials Part 1

October 21, 2013
Virgil Thomas,

A couple of weeks ago Laura Beck wrote an excellent piece about reverse Ageism; younger people being targeted for their youth. The prevailing theory these days is that the rising generation is self-centered, self-entitled, and lazy.

Laura, however, took a step outside the box:

Even well-meaning culture changers seem to get confused about ageism, thinking it is just judgment against older people.  But this take on the issue is only one side of the story.  To fight ageism, we have to be fully invested in the fight.  This means combatting all ageism – ageist behavior aimed at youth and Elders alike.  Here’s the Catch 22. When we advocate for ending ageism against Elders – while simultaneously writing off youth – we actually exacerbate ageism toward Elders.  How can we expect youth to appreciate the contributions of older people, when we turn around and disrespect theirs? It only deepens the gulf between the two.

Laura worries that this adversarial relationship between the young and adult generation is part of what leads to ageism towards Elders. Take this video for example, it outlines the beginning of a pushback by a generation that is quickly realizing they are being labeled worthless while at the same time contending with massive problems handed to them, in part, by the same people calling them worthless. How likely do you think they are going to respect Boomers when they are Elders.

Has there always been this level of contention between generations? Tell us what you think.


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