An Elder's Story: Helen Wollman

October 22, 2013
Virgil Thomas,

Our third installment in our Fall Elder Stories series is brought with thanks to LifeBio and the Elders at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital.

Helen Wollman owned a music shop in Baltimore for much of her life. She recalls having very little experience in the world of music. Before long, though, she knew every song, album, and artist that was featured in her shop. Ms. Wollman woke up early every morning, fought her way down the expressway (rain or shine) to open the shop.

She grew up in Baltimore in the 4500 block of Reisterstown Road, “Every one called us the uptown girls because that was the uptown at the time,” she laughed.  Shortly after marrying, she moved closer to Pikesville, Maryland.

Ms. Wollman recalls a close-knit community with family and friends living all around, “I had a cute house. They had built all new houses. My brother came to visit me. He liked it so much he bought the house across the street. My sister, Martha bought the house up the street. We were all living there together. Everyone looked out for each other. Someone would be going on a vacation to Atlantic City and they would load up all the neighborhood kids into the car, we looked out for each other.”

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