Arkansas Culture Change Blog Reminds Us That Perspective is Everything

August 28, 2013
Meredith Martin, The Eden Alternative

The culture change movement is doing incredible things in elder care and telling our stories, thanks to the power of blogs and social media, and believe it or not, The Eden Alternative is not the only one out there writing about culture change.

We picked up on this great post from the Arkansas Culture Change Blog. Involving the community in our homes, keeping up with education and technology advances and the improvements to the regulatory processes are just a few pathways to person-directed living.

Changing the way we care for people in the long-term care setting, or changing the “culture” in long-term care, has been a hot topic in the recent news. The Pioneer Network , the Eden Alternative Program and the Arkansas Innovative Performance Program are just a few of the organizations that provide resources for those who want to change the way we provide care to our residents in long-term care. The goal is to move our mindset as a nation to a person-centered approach to health care. One of the first big changes in long-term care is the need to look at things in a positive way. We need to document the positive things we are doing, we need to involve the community in our homes, and we need to gather teams that work for positive changes. We need to provide the positive to the media — film our own stories. We are doing incredible things in long-term care.

Let’s look at some of the negative thoughts we hear in team meetings about change.
What we hear: “We’ve always done it this way.” “It ain’t broken — why fix it?” Or the all-important, “We have always done it this way and no one has complained…not got a tag.” “What if?”
What they are really saying: We know it works and we are afraid of a new routine. What if the survey team does not understand the changes we are making? Why should we get a tag? We hear the same complaints from the same people; they do not understand how it works in long-term care.

What has your experience been with looking at things positively? If we are going to make culture change really work what steps would you take?

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Arkansas Culture Change Blog Reminds Us That Perspective is Everything via @edenalt #LTC #SNF


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