Auf Wiedersehen

April 17, 2014
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog

Yesterday, I said auf wiedersehen, goodbye in German, to a tour group visiting from Germany since last week. This group of 15 long term care administrators, managers, and care staff reached out to me several months ago and asked me to assist them with a trip to the U.S. to learn more about culture change, particularly The Eden Alternative and The Green House Project. In fact, one of the organizations on the tour is in the process of becoming an Eden Registry Member in Germany.

 I am always eager to help our international comrades, so I proceeded to plan a weeklong itinerary that involved multiple visits to Eden Registry Members and Green Houses around New Jersey and New York. I also managed to arrange a two-hour meeting with Dr. Bill Thomas following his Second Wind Tour stop in Newark, NJ.

In spite of the language barrier, it was obvious that the concepts we were sharing in the Eden Principles were understood and appreciated. It was also obvious that they were soaking up as much information as they could. They wanted to know everything, even the smallest of details. I really appreciated their eagerness to learn and to take new ideas back to their communities in Germany to improve life for their elders.

They were all so grateful for the opportunity to see and hear about our approach to creating real home. I encourage all of us to look for similar opportunities to go exploring for new ideas and perspectives. There is huge value in breaking out of our everyday routines every now and then and to go exploring. This is how you grow! And you just never know what you might find unless you look.

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Saying auf wiedersehen is not the end #Germany


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