Be Courageous Enough to Be Influential

June 26, 2013
Meredith Martin, The Eden Alternative

In case you haven’t seen it, one of our educators, Frosini Rubertino, was plugged by McKnights Long-Term Care News for doing her part in the culture change movement with her book Carmelina.

“It comes from the heart, through professional and personal experiences in the long term care industry. I personally witnessed how person centered care impacted my mother in law’s life when she lived with us. She inspired me to spread this to everyone around me.”

Influence others to care enough about people, care enough about their reputation, care enough to be part of the solution, and to care enough to do the right thing. Someday, we too, may be a Carmelina.

“Carmelina — Essential Nursing Systems for Long Term Care” is a book for nurses that not only helps maintain clinical compliance, but opens the mind and heart, empowering those who read it to influence care outcomes with person-directed approaches to care.

The Carmelina Pledge –

“I solemnly pledge to live my life with integrity and to practice my profession authentically.  With dedication, and as a steward of the greatest generation’s quality of life, I will endeavor to uphold and elevate the ethical, scientific, and legal standards of my profession, and devote myself to the well being of elders entrusted in my care.

“Improving the life of our elders is a genuine, continuous, and collaborative journey.  Together, we remain energized and focused on transforming care centers into vibrant communities of life long living. The impact reaches beyond the life of our elders, influencing the well-being of our caregivers. We care for the greatest generation. Be honored. Be grateful. Be proud.”





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Eden Educator makes it all the way to McKnight’s

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