Bermuda Wants The Eden Alternative

April 18, 2012
Kavan Peterson, Editor,

The tropical island of Bermuda has a fast-growing elder population and needs to act now to improve long-term care, nursing home administrator Rosheena Masters said in her acceptance speech after receiving a Public Health Professional Award from the island’s Ministry of Health.

What kind of long term care improvements does Bermuda need? According to Masters, administrator at Lefroy House in Somerset, Bermuda needs The Eden Alternative:

“I would like to see Lefroy become a registered Eden Alternative home,” she said. “Eden Alternative is a philosophy of care that believes that older people do not die from chronic illness, but from loneliness, helplessness and boredom. They aim to turn places of institutional care into places worth living in. The main way to eradicate this is to give them opportunities for companionship, fun, and spontaneity.”

We couldn’t agree more with Masters. Read more about her long career serving elders in Bermuda at The Royal Gazette online.

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I had the honor of meeting Rosheena when she came to Syracuse, New York for Certified Eden Associate Training. I know she left that training with a vision of how life could be different at Lefroy House, and she is making that vision a reality. Congratulations and thank you to Rosheena for bringing Eden Alternative to Bermuda. May others follow her lead!


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