Beth Baker on the Village Movement and Cultivating Diversity

October 31, 2016
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

img_4800_stlvillage_diversity_committee_9-24-13_philip_deitch-dwg-at-tableI’m posting from the 2016 Leading Age Annual Meeting in Indianapolis and have just returned from a panel discussion about the age-friendly community movement.  This global initiative takes a systems approach to creating communities that accommodate and value people of all ages.  Like the age-friendly community initiative, the Village Movement has sought to promote aging in community by blending structured services and support into existing neighborhoods.  Both efforts speak to the growing need for innovative approaches and solutions, as we face a growing aging population and regulatory system unprepared to meet its needs.  Both also thrive on the notion that diversity of life and experience is at the core of health and well-being for any community.

A recent post from Beth Baker on called Village Movement Seeks to Cultivate Diversity focuses on a vital piece of creating caring communities.  Check it out here.

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