Boomers Face Cultural Conundrum

April 04, 2014
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

The April issue of Provider features an article that challenges Americans “to grow up – or just grow old.” This caught my eye, as we talk a lot about perspectives on aging at The Eden Alternative. The issue is particularly up for us, as our Co-Founder Dr. Bill Thomas just launched the Second Wind Tour, a call to action to reimagine later life.

In “Cultural Obstacles to Aging With Grace,” Bill Myers ponders how our societal attitudes about aging influence our experience of growing older.   Along the way, he points out an especially interesting irony:

So the baby boomers are growing old. The question is, are they growing up? Because the generation that more or less invented youth culture (or, had youth culture invented for it) is now more or less in charge of the money, the politics, and even the means of cultural production that will shape the future of how people care for, and think about, all of their elders.

Myers digs into this conundrum by consulting with various thought-leaders on the subject, among them Eden Alternative CEO Chris Perna and Bill Thomas.  The discussion begs the question:  As America ages, how will we step up as a generation and own the ageist monster we’ve created?  How will we reclaim the Elderhood we all deserve… one that acknowledges the merits and gifts of both youth AND older age?  Seeing as we will soon be Elder-rich as a society, we’d be fools not to.

Check out the article and tell us what you think.

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RT @edenalt: Check out this interesting challenge to boomers in the April issue of Provider, with Chris Perna and Bill Thomas…


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