Bowman and Gifford Teaming Up at Eden Alternative Conference

March 26, 2012
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog

Carmen Bowman and Dr. David Gifford, two of the most influential people in the world of long-term care culture change, are teaming up to present at the upcoming 6th Eden Alternative International Conference May 30-June 1 in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Carmen and Dr. Gifford are well known advocates and thought leaders with an impressive track record of contributions to the culture change movement. They will be sharing their latest insights into the new QIS survey and the use of the MDS 3.0 in achieving self-directed living. The QIS and MDS 3.0 are tools used by regulators to monitor care provided to Elders, and both have undergone major changes in recent years. These tools now incorporate person-directed care measures, something we strongly support, and everyone involved in long-term care needs to understand how the Eden Alternative and other culture change approaches fit with these new tools and improve performance.

A range of other hot topics including the new Life Safety Code 2012, the new Dining Practice Standards, and the new Advancing Excellence campaign goals will also be covered. Again there have been numerous changes to these tools to incorporate person-directed care principles and anyone involved in long-term care  as a provider or consumer should understand the opportunities being created by these changes to enhance quality of life for Elders.

Please let us know if there is anything related to these topics that you would like to hear about in future posts or at the conference. We hope you can join us in Grand Rapids. Click here to register for the 6th Eden Alternative International Conference.


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