Brave Pioneers Create Centers of Growth: Celebrating the Journey During National Nursing Home Week

May 13, 2012
Meredith Martin, The Eden Alternative

National Nursing Home Week is a time to spotlight care partners (Elders, employees and family members) connected with long-term living environments across the country. The brave pioneers who have transformed the traditional into the extraordinary through a commitment to person-directed care, using the Eden Alternative Philosophy, deserve special recognition. These individuals and organizations not only dare to believe it can be different, they are making it happen each and every day!

This week is a time to celebrate all those that are making a positive difference in the lives of thousands by combating loneliness, helplessness and boredom. What was once a “facility” is now a supportive and caring environment, providing enrichment for all care partners through continued growth, learning and teaching. The care partners are deepening relationships and sharing life stories, discovering simple pleasures and honoring each individual’s rhythm of daily life. Just the simple acts of going from one moment to the next throughout the day are filled with meaning when care partners have companionship, opportunities to give and receive care and enjoy the richness of variety and spontaneity.

We will be sharing stories to get the conversation started. We invite you to add to the story, increasing the depth of possibilities we have yet to reach in honoring Elderhood and enriching our care partnerships.


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Meredith Burrus
May 16, 2012 2:38 am

Fairacres Manor, Greeley, CO
What better way to start off the wonderful week of National Nursing Home Week than celebrating our Mothers. Our DON’s 11 year old daughter and 3 of her friends wanted to deliver flowers and sing to the residents. They made little cute cards and tied them to beautiful flowers and handed them to each resident while singing to them. All the residents loved to see the girls sing and thought the flowers were beautiful. The girls went around to all the neighborhoods laughing, singing, and bringing joy to all. Fairacres is celebrating NNHW with the theme of “Wonders of the World” Each week we are traveling to a different place.
-Chelsea Alles

Meredith Burrus
May 16, 2012 2:54 am

Kingston Nursing Center, Conway, SC

Our elders said they wanted to celebrate the journey by going on a cruise! They decided which ports of call we were traveling to and then the neighborhoods chose the meal for the day, dress for the day, and the activities for the day. Monday was board the ship day. We took photos of each elder and gave them their passports along with yummy refreshments. Today was a trip to Paris complete with wine(pretend kind) and cheese. They enjoyed these while visiting the Louvre museum (the team created a Mona Lisa, photos of Paris, a statue, and put paintings on display that the elders created earlier in the day. Wednesday is Rome and we are having a toga party, Italian food, etc. Thursday is Mexico and the elders will paint their own maracas and enjoy a taste of Mexico. Friday is the islands and we are having a luau including Polynesian dancers! All this to say we are happy to celebrate our journey with our elders!
-Laura Fowler


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