The Bridge at Ridgely Joins The Registry

January 29, 2015
Suzette Molina


The Bridge at Ridgely, Ridgely, TN joined The Eden Alternative Registry on January 22, 2015. 

Located in a small picturesque community nestled between Reelfoot Lake and the Mississippi River, The Bridge at Ridgely is home to 73 Elders. This home believes that smallness and connectedness are essential to deep meaningful relationships so they have divided themselves into 3 very active and distinct neighborhoods with each neighborhood clearly marked by street signs. 

The daily activities are driven by the Elders, care partner employees and families that live and work there. Each day begins with natural awakening and a hot nutritious breakfast with friends and family. Variety and spontaneity are what make daily life interesting and engaging so they offer many choices for activities. Activities include gardening, sunning in the courtyard or shopping trips in town. On special occasions the Elders enjoy a drive out to Reefoot Lake to watch the eagles as they soar across the sky.  

They are very involved in the local community and they support them by offering programs here for Veterans, hosting Easter egg hunts for the children and fundraising for different causes such as Alzheimer’s awareness.  If you come to live here you will feel right at home in the cozy living rooms filled with comfortable furniture and warm glowing fireplaces.  Come by sometime and you will “feel” what it is like to be home.

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A big Eden Alternative welcome to our newest Eden Registry member! Great to have you join us!


Welcome… The Bridge at Ridgely sounds wonderful. You have many friends within your amazing organization and around the world available to help and support you on your journey.
Mary Kim Smith
Eden Educator & Mentor


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