Care Partner Wellbeing Needs a Lift

November 10, 2015
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog


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A new Gallup poll about the state of mind of healthcare workers tells us that there is “significant opportunity for their well-being to improve.” ”The sobering fact: More than half (51%) of all healthcare workers were found to be thriving in none or only one of the elements of well-being. The findings are bottom-heavy. The level of healthcare workers thriving in two, three, four or five of the elements measured 15%, 15%, 13% and 6%, respectively.” This is a sad state of affairs!

The Gallup model for well-being has 5 elements, while The Eden Alternative model consists of 7 domains. The models end up being very similar when you compare them, so let me remind you of our 7 domains…identity, connectedness, autonomy, security, meaning, growth, and joy. Whichever model you use, there is an important message here. We know from experience that the care provided to elders is a direct reflection of the care partner providing that care. If the care partner’s well-being is lacking, the elder will probably not receive the best care.

What can we do about it? For starters, let’s accept that the lack of well-being for care partners is a valid issue that needs attention. Did you know you could use our well-being assessment tools to find out about the well-being in your organization for staff, elders, and family members? At The Eden Alternative, we use the 7 domains of well-being as part of our annual review process to develop growth plans for each person for the coming year. We focus on well-being because we know it ultimately drives what we do and how we do it. It feels good to have this conversation.

So, if you want to give a care partner a lift, find out how they are doing using the 7 domains of well-being to steer the conversation. Use this as an opportunity to ask questions that will take the conversation deeper and then seek solutions by engaging the care partner in a meaningful conversation about what’s important to them and what will bring them well-being.

I know how my well-being improves when someone shows they care about me enough to have this kind of dialogue. Try it and see if you can give a care partner’s well-being a lift today!


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