Words Make Worlds

The Groundwork and The Framework Bundle
I am excited to introduce our newest course bundle that includes The Framework: Reveal the Possibilities and The Groundwork: Rethink Your Paradigm. Growing and adjusting as an organization, as our world became highly virtual starting in 2020, pushed us to develop two courses that cover the basics of the Eden Alternative approach to person-directed care.  These courses take you deeper into the transformations required to create and support a home where well-being is experienced by all.
Kathy Hagen
April 17, 2023
Why Are We Still Dropping The F-Bomb?
That’s how we should view the word ‘facility’. As the queen mother of all dirty words. The F-bomb. Pay attention and you’ll notice it’s still spoken by people in our field constantly. And used by our regulatory agencies. It’s time to eradicate “facility” from our vocabulary.
December 16, 2021