Celebrate National Nursing Home Week…..You Make a Difference!!!

May 10, 2013
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog


As we come upon National Nursing Home Week, the reality is that we aren’t likely to see a special section of the greeting cards aisle in the store dedicated to this theme. But who needs greeting cards anyway!

I encourage all of you dedicated professionals working throughout the nursing home industry to take time this week to celebrate the important work that you do every day. Your dedication and caring make life better for the Elders and your co-workers who share the load with you.  You make a difference!

I especially applaud those of you who have embraced the Eden Alternative Principles, for your commitment to fighting the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. As Certified Eden Associates and Eden Registry Members, you are applying the Ten Principles in your work every day and improving well-being for everyone around you. You make a difference!

Personal growth and change are never easy. But every day, I hear examples of CNAs, nurses, administrators, therapy professionals, social workers, housekeepers, dieticians, etc. who are stretching themselves and learning new ways to do things using person-directed care principles. Not only are you growing, but you are helping those around you to grow as well. You make a difference!

You do hard work that is beyond the capacity of so many people, yet, you do it with a smile and a cheerfulness that brightens the day for others around you. You know why you go to work every day. You have a purpose… to serve the Elders and to keep the Plagues out of your home. You make a difference!

As you celebrate this week and enjoy the fruits of your hard work, I also challenge you to look ahead to see the future. Ask yourself what you can do to keep growing personally and to help those around you to keep growing? We have learned at The Eden Alternative that growth and change are part of our never-ending commitment to practicing person-directed care.  How are you going to grow and help others to grow over the coming, year so you can continue to make a difference?

I thank you for all you do.

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