Celebrating Eden Principle 6 at Elmhurst Extended Care

May 27, 2011
Kavan Peterson, Editor, ChangingAging.org

Eden Alternative Registered home Elmhurst Extended Care is proudly celebrating their achievement of Principle 6 of the Eden Alternative and Milestone 1 in the The Path to Mastery™: The Art of Creating a Caring Community.

Elmhurst shared their achievements on their Facebook Page:

Principle 6 is described by the Eden Alternative as follows: “Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. The opportunity to do things that we find meaningful is essential to human health.” As an alternative to that “meaningless activity,” the Elmhurst team has worked to bring individualized attention to events and milestone celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and births of grandchildren. Variety, spontaneity, and relationship-building efforts at Elmhurst are encouraged and meaningful enjoyable activities like an elder-run poker club, a knitting group, and a rosary/ prayer group have flourished.

The new Milestone tool developed by The Eden Alternative guides organizations through the process of transforming their culture by applying person-directed care practices. Through this approach, decisions and actions around care honor the voices and choices of care recipients and those working most closely with them. Richard Gamache, Vice President of Extended Care and Administrator of Elmhurst, said that the completion of Milestone 1 has helped the Elmhurst team appreciate how far they have come with putting the Eden Principles into practice.

“By completing Milestone 1, we have demonstrated real progress in moving our organization toward person-directed care,” said Gamache.

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Ann Smith-Williams
June 21, 2011 9:33 pm

Great job Rick and the Elmhurst Team!


In January of 2011, as a care partner with the Elmhurst Family, I was graciously invited to participate in the Eden Philosphy training.

Upon completion of this training; it gave a whole new meaning to my job by literally removing the mental blinders in my profession and seeing things more clearer in an entirely different perspective.

The Eden training allowed me to experience first-hand how someone can be lonely, sad, or even angry without oral verbalization, but through expression, withdrawal, i.e. “Body Language is 80% of Communication”, and other signs that many of us unconsciously may not be aware of.

I now try consciously to acknowledge these feelings of my residents more deeply. The Eden program allowed me to realize how little it required to stop for a moment to say hello, give a hug, or simply hold one’s hand if they seem frighten or sad and even angry.

With this new found acknowledgement it help greatly reassured the people that I care for daily are very much loved and not alone.

Darrell Petronella
March 10, 2012 5:00 pm

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