Central Haven Special Care Home Joins The Registry

March 16, 2015
Denise Hyde


Central Haven Special Care Home joined the Eden Registry March 12, 2015.

Central Haven is home to 60 Elders and have sub-divided into two neighborhoods where relationships are consistent and strong. The home is located on a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood. There is a very welcoming feel when you come to visit. That is because relationships, family, love and kindness are central to the way the care partners support the Elders daily lives. If you are moving into Central Haven, you will be greeted right away at the door. It may be another Elder, a family member, or a care partner who works there.

It is important to all care partners that someone new gets to know others very quickly so they can feel comfortable. As you walk around, you will notice that it is very bright in the home. That is because they have many large windows that let in a lot of natural light. All the Elders have their own rooms and bathrooms which is a real treat. The Elders are currently updating their rooms and choosing new paint colors. The care partner team at Central Haven will tell you that they are masters at using space well. There are several rooms that they have made very multi-functional to fit the needs of the Elders who live there.

Children come and visit the Elders weekly, from young ages through high school. They have a great backyard with some garden boxes. Stop by and enjoy some ice cream out on the patio. During the holidays you may be able to tag along for a ride to the tree farm to see the Christmas light show. The employee care partners are very invested in life-long learning, both from outside sources, each other, and the Elders. You will find that they use story as a way to teach and learn from one another.

Between Certified Eden Associate Training, Untie-the-Spirit, The Pacific Institute Investment in Excellence, TULIP palliative care, and reading books together, they continue to stretch their thinking daily. They are also really great at coming up with new ideas and then putting them into action as soon as possible! One family member’s comment really says it all:

The Eden Alternative is not just a sign on the wall or an initiative touted by the management team, it is a lifestyle that everyone in the building lives by and benefits from. I have seen staff interact with my mother and other residents in a truly loving and tender fashion. … [they] have turned an old and somewhat tired building into a warm and dignified home.

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Why is it so difficult for people to understand how important it is to adopt the Eden Alternative philosophy in their care homes. It is a win
win situation for EVERYONE. We have 27 registered here and many more on their Eden journey. June Burgess EARC UK and Ireland.


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