The Choices We Make

September 16, 2014
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog

PDcareLife is full of choices, and making choices can be really hard at times. For me, going to Cheesecake Factory to eat is always a challenge….so many great choices on the menu! But in the big scheme of things, choosing a menu item doesn’t mean a lot and really only affects me. Making choices definitely gets a lot harder when our choices impact other people.

But we want the ability to make choices…right? We define person-directed care as honoring the choices people make, and we have made autonomy, the ability to make our own choices, one of the seven domains of well-being. So, we have made this idea of choice a big deal.

I was part of a presentation at the Pioneer Network conference last month where we spoke about taking person-directed care from principle to practice. We covered a lot of stuff, but in the end it boiled down to making important choices. I challenged the audience to think about where they stood with the following choices in taking person-directed care from principle to practice:

 Ageism vs. Ableism

Institution vs. Caring Community

Care Partnering vs. Caregiving

Independence vs. Interdependence

Tasks vs. Relationships

Constituency vs. Community

These are really tough choices because of the impact each one can have on you and others on the care partner team. But if you truly believe person-directed care is the best and only way to care for our elders and fellow care partners, these choices become clearer and easier to make.

Next time you are faced with a tough choice, remember it is your choice to make. For everyone’s benefit, make it a person-directed choice.

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