Coming Back as an Eden Associate

September 17, 2013
Virgil Thomas,

As some of you might know I attended my Certified Eden Associate Training last week in Lexington Park, Md. In an earlier post I had mused about what the experience would be like going in. Now I’d like to share some views coming out.

  1. Everyone promised me the experience would be fun. Not that I didn’t believe them but I was surprised at the level of camaraderie the group developed over our short three days. These are people I would train with any day.
  2. I came out with a new found respect for everyone on the journey of culture change and I came to understand just how difficult that change can be. Though I know The Eden Alternative’s philosophy I nonetheless found myself wondering at times, “can this really work?” I was with people who have been living long-term care for a quarter of a century. I can only imagine the courage it takes to return home and live the change.
  3. The training provided me with the practical applications of The Eden Alternative. Because I do not work in long-term care I only ever engage the philosophies in abstract terms. But no longer. I believe I now have a much more robust understanding of our principles.
  4. Finally, I give a new definition to the term “Ringer” when it comes to the trivia challenge. I thought it would only be fair to sit it out. But my team insisted and we proceeded to clean up big time.

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Congratulations, Virgil!

Barbara Smullen
September 22, 2013 6:21 pm

I love to read your “after thoughts” – and of course your after-training reflections are just the begtnning. They take me back to my own training (just 2 or is it 3 ? – years ago)- and I now look back and see that it has changed my whole life! Barbara (Elder).


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