Communicating During Transitions; Strangers or Friends?

August 12, 2013
Denise Hyde

Communicating with Elders during transitions in care is crucial. Strangers cannot communicate well with strangers, or about strangers. If the use of healthcare resources, especially hospital care, is to be optimized to the individual, then relationships have to be built and sustained.

Care partner teams that know each other well communicate better within and across care settings. This is the key to ensuring warm hand-offs in care that result in positive outcomes for the Elders.

On August 6th, INTERACT III Communication Tools the second webinar in a 4-part Eden Alternative series, focused on how person-directed care provides a head start in creating effective communication strategies.

Becoming well-known is a skill that must be practiced and honed. New forms of communication  will not be successful, unless people are empowered to use them and leaders are committed to their use. Wise leaders share information and knowledge, provide skills and practice time, make sure resources are readily accessible, remove barriers to communication, and make sure that all care partners feel supported in their efforts to strengthen communication.

We can enhance well-being for all when communication between care partner teams is solid, and the Elder remains at the center. Strong communication skills strengthen the Elder’s identity. Effective communication grows all members of the care partner team, including the Elder herself.

Care partners have more autonomy when they have the information they need to do their best. Professionals feel more secure when communication between care settings is handled well.

Effective communication brings all members of the care team together and helps them, especially the Elder, feel confident that all needs are being met. Good communication reduces stress and supports the creation of happier teams.

What opportunities for improving communication are apparent, as you assess the quality of transitions in care for Elders? How can you leverage successes in person-directed care to fill gaps and improve the lives of all care partners? Learn more by listening to the webinar recording.

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